20.10.2018 Flatterschafft. Lots of sounds w/klangbang, Poly-Kollektiv, Paolo [pax ~] Calzavara and jj offbits&burnhaupt.

25.10.2018 Neues Kino. Festival für sonderbare Filmkunst: Rauschgiftfilm w/ Georges Méliès, John Emerson, D.W. Griffith, Jack Brawn. Scoring by beton.

5.5.2018 Sommercasino (Starting around 22.30) Literaturnacht as part of the Festival Rausch

17.3.2018 literaturcafé, Biel.

17.11.2017 Pataphysisches Institut, Basel. w/burnhaupt and Paolo.

19.11.2016 Flatterschafft, Basel. Klappfon with L’Appeau (Stéphane Montavon) and Aleksander Gabrys.

24.9.2016 Kaserne, Basel.  Unorthodox Jukebox (KlangBasel 2016). Together with Sheldon Suter (Drums).

3.9.2016 Slow Club, Freiburg DE.

13.5.2016 Flatterschafft, Basel. Album Release. w/Tim Olive&Takuji Naka, Kostis Kilymis.

15.01.2016 Entart@Klubi, Zürich. w/ Martin Lorenz, Dj Uhuruku, DJ Jordi Fresco.

20.11.2015 Carambolage Basel. Improvised Set with Saxophonist Annika Francke

24.10.2015 Flatterschaft Basel. Concert as a part of the annual Flatterschaft jubilee. With Stefan Wartmann and Brian Archinal.

27.5.2015 Le Cabinet, Geneva.

7.3.2015 Oslo 10, Basel. w/The Sommes Ensemble.

14.2.2015 Flatterschaft, Basel. w/ Combineharvester.

13.1.2015 Flatterschaft, Basel. w/ Tunnel Ensemble.

20.12.2014 Underground Concert. w/ Chromatic Rainbow.

14.11.2014 OFF-Bar, Basel. UFO vs. Beton, as part of the Concert-Series “Schlägerei mit anschliessender Diskussion”.

8.11.2014 Pataphysisches Institut, Basel.

18.10.2014 Flatterschafft, Basel. Cadavre Exquis was a long-term Improvisation in collaboration with dancers (Basia Wehinger, Marcella Moret, Andrea Maria Maeder, Marketta Kutternovà, and more), musicians (Marlon McNeil, Günther Wehinger, burnhaupt) and readings by Anais Meier.

21.9.2014 Flatterschafft, Basel. Concert as part of the Presentation of works by  Michel Pfister.

6.9.2014 Giswilstock, CH. Two-Day Festival in Giswil, where we played a set together with burnhaupt.

23.11.2013 Flatterschafft, Basel. Part of the culturescapes Festival w/Rdeča Raketa.

19.10.2013 Flatterschafft, Basel. Sound-Installation in collaboration with burnhaupt.


6.9.2013 Kunstraum Aarau, Aarau, CH. Collaboration with burnhaupt as part of the Vernissage Prospektive by Simon Krebs.

13.9.2013 Haus für elektronische Künste, Basel. Part of the Geräuschsymposium.

22.9.2013 Transitlager, Basel. Collaboration with Srdjan Zahar (Visuals).

Visual by Srdjan Zagar, Foto by Katharina Hermann

24.11.2012 Offbar, Basel. w/ UFO.

14.6.2012 Neue Schlosserei, Basel. w/ Noise Zone.

17.5.2012 Hirscheneck, Basel.

17.4.2012 Dreispitz Areal, Basel.

3.3.2012: Schwarzwaldallee, Basel. w/ Antoine Läng & Nicolas Field.

20.1.2012 Dampfzentrale, Bern. Part of the Shit & Shine Festival.

6.6.2011 Unknown Space, Münchenstein.

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